Warrior TV

7 episodes

Check out these high-octane episodes featuring former Navy SEAL Jake Zweig jumping out of planes, engaging in sniper competitions and more. Get some!

Watch a military-grade workout these players will never forget.

Former Special Ops Medic and professional MMA fighter Dale "Woody" Wooden shares his tips on how to protect your family from cyberwarfare…and gets a little rough with our host.

Navy officer Jesse Iwuji races to dream on NASCAR circuit.

Warrior TV host Jake Zweig had the honor of getting the story of Robert Wilson Collins at the 2015 American Bass Anglers Vet Tournament.

Host Jake Zweig and former Marine and Sniper's Hide Cup founder Frank Galli lock and load in a 1,000-yard sniper contest.

Warrior TV is excited to introduce our host, former Navy SEAL and current college football coach Jake Zweig.