North American Hunter

Former North American Fisherman host Tyler Kapela knows his way around a marina - but how about the tundra of Quebec? And what on earth would he be doing hunting big game? Click to find out...

Rare footage shows an angry hippo drowning an unsuspecting rhino after it refused to leave a waterhole during a drought at a sout Africa game reserve.

As the rhino backs away from the duo, the first hippo opens its jaws and pounces on the intruder, dragging its head under the water.

Game ranger Stanley Robertson captured the shocking footage as he guided tourists to the waterhole just as the rhino approached to take a drink in the heat.

A zookeeper who placed his head inside a crocodile's mouth saw it backfire. The reptile clamped down hard on his head. The crocodile shut its jaws on the zookeeper's head before violently shaking him from side to side.
A tourist filmed the incident last Sunday at a free crocodile show on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

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A baby goat born with a single huge eye, one ear and no nose has left villagers baffled in India.

The terrifying goat was born on May 10th in a village in northeastern Indian state of Assam.

It has a rare condition called Cyclopia and vets believed that it will die within few days.

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The number of American women spending time hunting has spiked 25 percent the past five years. According to Census Bureau statistics cited by National Geographic, while men still make up the majority of the 13.7 million hunters in the United States, 11 percent are women. For those 11 percenters…Carhartt is there for them. And this weekend, as the country celebrates moms, we are celebrating the, “Carhartt Mom.”

The next time you're hunting in or around a draw or canyon, give this technique a try. Dave Maas is out bow hunting mulies, and he's positioned himself next to some cedars overlooking a trail down in a deep draw. This gives him the correct vantage point for an ambush as you'll see here.

Target season is here for bow hunters, and Luke Hartle has a few thoughts for those of you heading to the range or throwing arrows at targets in the backyard - you may be brainwashing yourself and you don't even know it. He offers a few ways to avoid this phenomenon.

Mark Kayser is up to his old tricks here, as he offers up this useful tip for staying hidden out in the open. He's fond of using old junk and machinery as a hunting blind, believe it or not. We'll let him explain.

Luke Hartle has a theory regarding using cheap triggers with your high-end bow - it's like putting ketchup on a steak. He breaks down the factors that should go into selecting your trigger.