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Jason shares how he stores his crappie rods cheaply and his plastics methodically.

Learn to take your catch and store them more efficiently for quicker prep and cooking times later

Hey river rats, here’s a great lesson on using your tiller outboard to deliver crankbaits to the sweet spots for for bass, walleye and pike.

Do I hunt or go fishing? This questions rings in the heads us many of us during the fall months. With some smart boat rigging, you can now do both in the same day - watch to find out how.

Terry Scoggins demonstrates how to use a common bass fishing knot and 20 lb. fishing line to firmly secure a skirt to a jig, spinnerbait, bladed swim jig or any other skirted lure.

Timmy Horton shares a useful tip to ensure you're getting the best possible hookset on bass when using a jig.

Chris Zaldain has devised this incredibly effective swimbait system that'll help you catch bass anywhere, anytime.

Kyle Peterson and some lifelong friends show how much fun crappie fishing can be in the fall with the Rapala Jigging Rap. It's been a fairly well-guarded secret that has gotten out in recent years and guys are loving how effective they are on vertical crappie holding really tight on spots. Kyle walks you through some good tricks to remove the frustrations some anglers have fishing them and making this system super productive for crappie fishing in the fall.

Endless innovation and experimentation is a fun part of fishing. Elite Series pro Randall Tharp has done a lot of lure experimenting with his saltwater baits in freshwater for bass. Here’s his favorite “crossover” lures.

It's important to backup computer and phone data, and your fishing information is no different. Humminbird's Jeff "Kolo" Kolodzinski explains why and how.